Garaging and Compound Rules

The rules below apply to all areas of the Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park as identified by the following listed description.

Garaging and Compound Rules

·           Public Carpark

·         Embankment Parking/Public Viewing

·         Camping/Overnight Area

·         ITM Public Viewing/Grandstand – Pit Building 2

·         Trailer Parking

·         The Pavilion – Scrutineer Shed

·         The Paddock – Competitor Parking/Hardstand Area

·         Pit Garage Apron

·         Pit Garages

·         Pit Lane – divided into the lane closest to the Pit wall (“Fast Lane”) and the lane closest to the Pit Garages (“Inner Lane”)

·         Dummy Grid

·         Race Track Area

·         Burnout Pad

·         Drag Strip Area

·         Moto Track

Use Rules

1. Each of Garages 1-32 is to house 1 car or 4 bikes only unless by prior arrangement.  Pit Garages may not be used for accommodation of any kind and must be vacated and locked at the end of each day’s use.  No barbeques or open flame devices are allowed inside a Pit Garage.

2. Please help us maintain a quality environment by leaving garages in a clean and tidy state.  Excess cleaning charges may apply, and repairs for damage within the garage or to garage doors will be applied.

3. Only support vehicles associated with the garage hirer are to be parked on the “garage apron” immediately behind each garage on the side facing The Paddock (Competitor Parking/Hardstand).

4. Trailers, ramps etc. are not to extend over the yellow line along the concrete walkway outside the garages.

5. Support vehicles are not to be parked beyond the yellow line demarcating the roadway area, unless by arrangement. Usually this will be bay way of a specific event compound plan.

6. Power leads from garage power source are not permitted to extend beyond garages, unless specially approved.

7. The Pit Garage Apron area is not to be used for vehicle repairs. Jacking of cars in this area is not permitted at any time.

8. Pop ups/temporary tenting or parking in front of either door of a Pit Garage is not permitted.

9. Pop ups/temporary tenting is allowed in the designated area in The Paddock on the Competitor Parking/Hardstand area provided that;

o   No jacks are to be place on the tarseal without timber footplates

o   No mechanical repairs are to be completed without a full “drop sheet” placed under vehicle.

10. Pit lane is part of the race track and is not to be used for access to a track other than from a Pit Garage or from the designated entry gate/Dummy Grid area.   The speed limits in the Pit Lane are:

o   Fast Lane – 40 kph

o   Inner Lane – 15 kph

11. Parking of support vehicles in any part of Pit Lane is not permitted at any time.

12. No pop-ups/temporary tenting is allowed in any part of Pit Lane without prior arrangement being made.

13. No unloading and loading of cars or motorcycles is to be carried out in Pit Lane.

14. The Inner Lane shall be the only area where any work can be carried out on a car or motorcycle and then, only for adjustments not repairs or extended work.  Any car or motorcycle requiring extended repair or other work must be removed to a Pit Garage or to The Paddock.  No equipment may be left in the Fast Lane.

15. No compounds are to be applied or grinding of any kind to enhance the grip of or otherwise alter the surface of the Pit Lane is to be carried out and no lines are to be painted on any part of the Pit Lane.

16. Power supplies/leads are not permitted to run across the ground unless approved by prior arrangement.

17. Exterior power sources are only to be used if approved by prior arrangement.

18. The provision of rubbish bins is for general rubbish, not waste oil or fluids or for discarded vehicle parts.

19. Discarded tyres are not to be left at the facility. Charges will be made for their removal.

10. Children under the age of 12 years old must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.

11. Scooters or skateboards are not permitted in or around the garaging areas, apron or pathways.