New Zealand's only FIA Grade 2 Motorsport Facilities

Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park is owned and operated by a widely-held unlisted company, TMP Limited. The Park’s International Track (Track 1) is the only Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Grade 2 circuit in New Zealand, allowing TMP to host the highest level of motorsport competitions other than Formula One.

The tracks and facilities which form Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park are available for hire and use on a commercial basis and are open to anyone wishing to enjoy the many aspects of motorsport.

These activities have included:


Blow carting

Cycle clubs and competitions

Segway racing

Show and shine displays

Car and Motorcycle Club meetings


Drag racing


Burn-out competitions

Motorcycling track days

Car track days

Motorcycle racing

Truck racing

Car racing

Kart racing

New model launches and demonstration days

Car and motorcycle practice and test days

Typical hires, which may involve any one of the tree tracks, the drag strip, burnout pad or drift facility, include –

Track Dayz – open to individual bike or car owners with daily track charges applying and may include garaging or other extras as required. These days are run by TMP Limited and covered by TMP’s indemnity documentation. Bookings are preferable and include discounts and benefits for those who join The Circuit Club Inc. Dates, conditions and charges are typically posted on the Track Dayz section of the website.

Training is available through the circuit’s driver enhancement academy which is a licensed Motorsport NZ race driving school.

Single Hirer – a single hire agreement for part or a whole facility entered by a party for private use. This may involve testing or private fun days with no public attendance.

Single Hirer – a single hire agreement for part or a whole facility entered by a party for multiple users for private use with no public attendance. This may involve group or club activities on either the International, National or Club tracks and can include garaging, hospitality and catering.

Event Promoter – a promoter typically hiring all or a significant part of the facilities for the purposes of running a competition type event with public attendance, with sponsors and generally, run under an organising permit issued by a motorsport governing body such as Motorsport NZ or Motorcycling NZ.

Non-Permitted Event Promoter – commercial track day organisers charging clients for track and other facilities with no public attendance.

Terms and conditions of hire are set out below.  Hire is by application to TMP with various rights charges applying depending on the hirer’s intended activity.