Track Day Rules

Track Day Rules – Cars

You can bring any type of car, any vehicle from MX5's to Ferrari's.  

  • All cars must be either road-legal (with current WOF) or a race car capable of passing motorsport scrutineering. 
  • All soft top cars MUST have adequate roll protection.
  • Red light at pit exit means STOP, only proceed when given a green light.
  • Red lights on circuit means SLOW DOWN and proceed to pit lane.


What equipment do I need to bring if I am going out on the track?

  • Driver’s license
  • 100% Cotton or fire proof overalls (please ensure they are oil/grease & paint free)
  • A crash helmet in good condition
  • Shoes (not sandals or jandals)
  • We also recommend cotton shirt, underclothes and socks (for fire safety).


Passenger Rules

  • Passengers are only allowed in cars with a Motorsport approved roll cage and a

4,5 or 6-point Harness.


  • This is a Motorsport NZ rule. The only exception is on the familiarization laps at reduced speed.


Track Day Notices

Track days at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park cost $150.00 start at 9.30am till 4.30pm, lunch break 12.30pm to 1.00pm.

Track day times may vary based on demand or minimum numbers.

Track days may be postponed based on booking demands and will be subject to 72-hour notice posted on the BMMP website, email or text notification.