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What is a Drive Day?

Drive Days have been established by Taupo Motorsport Park Limited, owners of Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park, to give car enthusiasts the opportunity to drive most types of cars on a regular basis in a controlled, safe and managed environment.

What can you do at Drive Days?

In the safe and controlled environment of New Zealand’s highest grade motor racing circuit, you can test your car’s handling and performance abilities and advance your own driving skills. Obtain tips and advice on cornering and drive lines from one of our on-site instructors. Bookings are required for a driving instruction course. Speed safely and enjoy the day with like-minded car enthusiasts.

How do I book a place at a Drive Day?

Go to the Drive Day page on this website and join the Drive Days membership programme and book a date.

Pre-paid drivers have preference.

Please note that the pre-paid driver fee gives the driver preference over on-the-day drivers who have not pre-paid. The pre-paid fee is non-refundable if the driver does not attend and there is no on-the-day driver to take your place unless the non-attendance is due to exceptional circumstances. Pay-on-day drivers are welcome provided there is room in the category they wish to be in. Pay-on-day bookings attract an additional $25.00 charge.

What if I have paid and can’t go?

Pre-payment reserves you a preferred slot in the Drive Day, so a refund will not be given unless there is an on-the-day driver to take your place or there are exceptional circumstances. Contact us if you have pre-paid and are unable to attend.

Is a Motorsport race licence required?


What if it rains?

Drive Days operate rain, hail or shine unless Taupo Motorsport Park considers that conditions unsafe. A degree of wet weather can be beneficial for you to get to know how your car handles in wet conditions. Rain check conditions operate at Taupo Motorsport Park ’s discretion.

How do I book a Pit Garage?

Pit garages can be booked online via this website.

What type of car can I bring?

You can bring any type of car, from Minis to McLarens. All cars must be either road-legal (with current WOF) or a race car capable of passing motorsport scrutineering.

Please note: All soft top cars MUST have adequate roll protection

Drive Days include a group called Star Group for exotic and high value cars limited to 10 -12 cars per session. This group qualifies for Drive Day cover if you are insured with Prestigio.

Are passengers allowed to ride in cars during Drive Days?

Passengers are only allowed in cars with a Motorsport NZ homologated roll cage and either a 4, 5 or 6-point Harness. Passengers must wear safety overalls and a helmet.

The only exception is on the familiarisation laps where passengers may ride in road cars without roll cages.

What equipment do I need to bring if I am going out on the track?

100% Cotton or fire proof overalls. Please ensure that they are oil/grease and paint free.

A crash helmet in good condition

Closed-top shoes (not sandals or jandals)

We also recommend cotton shirt, underclothes and socks and fire-proof gloves for fire protection.

Drive Day personnel may reject participation if they consider that any equipment or clothing is unsafe.

How is the day run?

The day starts with documentation. This is followed by a briefing which all participants MUST attend. If you miss this, contact one of the Drive Day personnel for a private briefing.

The track is then opened for some familiarisation laps. These are low speed laps where passengers are allowed in all cars, the purpose being for you to get to know the track.

Group drives are then commenced for the day’s session, usually 15min per group. Cars enter the track in groups at timed intervals. You may change groups during the day if you feel a different group would suit you better.

Track time usually runs from approximately 10.00 am to 4.30 pm. On some days there may be a stop for a lunch break of 30 minutes.

What if you think you are too slow for your group?

Most of the faster participants are used to being on the track with a variety of cars and drivers. They are generally very tolerant, and all started in the same place as you. There are usually plenty of straights for faster drivers to get past and we have strict rules about where and how to overtake. And remember you can select a speed group to suit you.

What if you think you are too fast for your group?

Drive Days are not race events however we will try to place drivers into groups with similar skill levels and car performances.

Overtaking, what are the rules?

This will be emphasised at briefing. Overtaking may only be done under acceleration, never under braking, never after the 200m board and not while cornering. So that leaves the straights.

As the cars start around 5 seconds apart if someone catches you, they must be faster so let them pass then try to follow them and you will probably learn something.

Will medical help be available at the track?

Yes, an ambulance and qualified staff will be stationed on-site for the whole day.

Will food and drinks be available at the track?

Yes, food and drinks and other snacks will be available throughout the day from The Pit Café.

Where can I purchase fuel?

No fuel is available at the Motorsport Park. The closest fuel is available at BP on Tauhara about 5 km along Broadlands Rd back towards Taupo.

Can I bring my pooch to a Drive Day?

Sadly pooches are not permitted to attend without prior arrangement.

What happens if my car breaks down or is damaged and I can’t get it home?

If you are not able to drive or transport your car we may be able to arrange storage until you can arrange for it to be collected.

Do you have a photographer at the Ride Day?

Yes, in most cases an official Drive Day photographer will be on the circuit during the day and photos will be posted on our website and available for purchase.

Can I have a raincheck?

All members are now entitled to a “no penalty free rain check!”.

That’s right, if you can’t make you booked track day all you have to do is email or phone us with your reason and we will save you a space (availability pending) on a future track day at no penalty.

Just remember you must make contact before or at least by the morning of your booked track day to qualify for the raincheck offer.

Track day dates and times may depend on demand or minimum numbers.

Track days may be postponed based on weather or track conditions and will be subject to 72 hour notice posted on our website, advice by email or text notification.

Postponement or cancellation will be at the discretion of TMP Ltd and drivers/riders will be given 7 days notice.

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for further information contact us if you have any questions.

Irresponsible or dangerous driving will result in Drive Day participation being terminated.



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