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What is a Ride Day?

Ride Days have been established to provide motorcycling enthusiasts with track days on a regular basis in a controlled, safe and managed environment. These days are intended to be fun, informative and allow riders to gain more confidence and experience

What tracks are Ride Days operated on?

Generally the 3.5km International Circuit although occasionally it may operate on the shorter, more demanding 2.2km National Circuit. There may also be times where “beginner/introductory days” run on the 1.2km Club Circuit.

What types of bikes can be ridden on the track?

All types of road bikes, track bikes, race bikes and supermotards. . From 150cc to 1000cc plus, ride your street bike or race prepared monster! Sorry off­ road/knobbly tyres, miniature bikes, bikes with side-cars, trikes and quads cannot be accepted.

How do I book a place at a Ride Day?

Go to the Ride Day page on this website and join the Ride Day programme and book a date.

Pre-paid riders have preference.

Please note that the pre-paid rider fee gives the rider preference over on-the-day riders who have not pre-paid. The pre-paid fee is non-refundable if the rider does not attend and there is no on-the-day rider to take your place unless the non-attendance is due to exceptional circumstances.

Pay-on-day riders are welcome provided there is room in the category they wish to be in. A wait list operates based on first applied for and in attendance on the day. On-the-day bookings attract an additional $25.00 charge.

Can I pay on the day?

Yes, by cash Eftpos or credit card.

Can I get a refund if I pre-pay and don’t turn up on the day?

Pre-payment reserves you a preferred slot in the Ride Day, so a refund will not be given unless there is an on-the-day rider to take your place or there are exceptional circumstances. Contact us if you have pre-paid and are unable to attend.

Will Ride Days be held if it rains?

Yes unless the track is un-safe and then the Ride Day will be re-scheduled.

Track days may be postponed based on weather or track conditions. Where possible postponement notification will be posted on Facebook or by email, txt or via our website.

We endeavor to contact all booked riders however, if in doubt always ph the office on 07 376 5033. If you are running late or are uncertain about weather conditions or miss the scheduled riders briefing, you must ring in and advise. We will not be responsible for inconveniences caused due to riders turning up unannounced.

Are Ride Day gift vouchers available for purchase?

Gift Vouchers can be purchased. Please  contact us directly; conditions apply.

Am I required to register on the day?

Yes, all riders are required to complete and sign Taupo Motorsport Park’s documentation before riding on the track.

All riders must attend riders briefing. If you are late you must attend a briefing with Track Day officials before receiving your Ride Day wrist band.

What happens at bike check time?

You are required to check that your bike and riding gear are safe and to make them available for a safety check. You will be required to complete the Taupo Motorsport Park Ride Day Safety Declaration and check sheet. In particular, your bike should not have worn tires, worn brake pads, an overly loose or too tight chain or be leaking oil or other fluids. Your steering head and swing arm movement may also be checked. Any glass must be taped. If unsure what to do, we highly recommend having your motorcycle shop check that your bike is fit for the intended track day.

What type of riding gear do I need to have?

Purpose-designed motorcycle textile or leather road riding safety gear with impact protection in good condition (full face helmet, gloves, boots, jacket, pants) is required. Open face helmets, denim jackets, jeans and sneakers are not acceptable as riding gear for riders or pillion passengers. Although not mandatory, we recommend wearing a purpose-designed separate back protector.

What type of licence do I need to have?

A current NZ motorcycle licence is not required. In the event that riding proficiency is of concern, a rider may be required to leave the track until a training programme has been completed.

How many groups are there and how fast can I go?

Ride Days are generally run in four groups; you may choose a group to ride in which is best suited to your riding ability. There is no speed limit on the track however we require that you ride within your abilities.


  • Fast (F1) – expert/experienced riders or competition riders.
  • Medium Fast (MF) – experienced/intermediate riders.
  • Medium (M) – intermediate riders.
  • Novice (N) less experienced riders or first timers on the track who wish to gain experience.

How many riders will there be in a group?

Group limits are set based on which track is in use. These vary between 25 – 35 and are determined on the day based on Ride Day numbers and safety considerations.

Can I change groups during the day?

Yes but subject to space being available in the new group. Check at the registration desk if you wish to change group.

Can I bring more than one bike to ride on the track and does it cost more?

You can ride more than one bike provided that all bikes are required to be available for the bike check and there is no extra rider fee if you ride in one group. If you wish to ride in more than one group, an extra rider fee is payable.

How long is a riding session for a group?

Track time generally starts around 9.00am. Sessions are 15 minutes, subject to numbers, groups etc. Ride Days aim to provide at least four sessions during a normal day however this will depend on weather, total numbers and any circumstances which may arise during the day. We cannot warrant a total number each Ride Day will give provide for these reason.

What kind of help is available if I haven’t been on the track before?

If it is your first time on the track, you are required to advise Ride Days staff at registration. You will receive initial track layout tuition including copies of the track layout maps. You will also receive special attention from the Ride Days shadow rider crew on your first outing.

What are the riding rules for the track day?

Riders’ briefing ahead of track time will cover specific on-the-day rules. Any special rules for the day will also be posted on the day. All riders are required to read and be familiar with the riding rules for the day. A rider ‘s briefing will cover the Ride Day rules and particular track conditions on the day. A review may be given at the lunch time break before the first session in the afternoon.

When can I pass a slower rider in front of me?

You may pass a rider on the left or on the right except where the rider in front of you is entering and negotiating a corner. You may not overtake on the inside line. The most important rule to remember is that a rider in front of you has the right to hold his or her line at all times. You must observe the 2-metre passing rule which requires you to provide the lead rider 2 metres of room throughout the entire passing manoeuvre. The onus is on the over-taker to pass safely at all times.

The over-taker is the trailing rider prior to the passing manoeuvre.

What happens if yellow lights are in operation or when a marshal waves a yellow flag?

A bike may have stopped or be off the track. Slow down and be aware of the track conditions.

What happens when red light is in operation or a marshal waves a red flag before a session is due to end?

A bike or rider may be lying on the track or the track may have debris or oil on it. Slow down and be aware of the track conditions, give way to an ambulance or recovery vehicle and leave the track immediately at pit lane entry.

Will a red flagged session be re-started?

If time allows, yes. Riders in the red-flagged session should remain in the pit lane while the track is cleared and wait for an announcement.

What happens if I am black flagged?

Exit the track at pit lane entry immediately after receiving the black flag. You may have a problem with your bike that you are unaware of or your riding behaviour or observation of track rules may be in question. Ride Day officials will discuss this with you before you take part in any further session.

Can I take a pillion passenger on the track?

We generally discourage pillion riding and therefore specific approval must be sought in the event you wish to include a pillion passenger.

What tyre pressure should I have for track riding?

The condition, pressures and heat of tyre is extremely important when setting out on the track. Make sure your tyres are in good condition and have sufficient tread. We strongly recommend that you warm your tyres with an approved tyre warming apparatus. Failing this, we advise a period of moderate riding speed to allow tyre to warm up. Make sure you have the recommended tyre pressure for your bike and Lower tyre pressures than those recommended for road riding will help to heat your tyres up quickly for track riding. Please feel free to ask for advice at bike check or any time during the day about tyre pressures and suspension set-up or any other questions you may have about track riding.

Does my bike insurance cover me for track riding?

You must check with your insurance provider. Several insurance companies provide cover for their customers attending Taupo Motorsport Park track days.

What happens if my bike breaks down or is damaged and I can’t ride home?

If you are not able to ride or transport your bike, we may be able to arrange storage. Please inquire at the registration desk.

Do you have a photographer at the Ride Day?

Yes, an official Ride Day photographer will be on the circuit during the day and photos will be posted on our website and available for purchase.

Will medical help be available at the track?

Yes, an ambulance and qualified staff will be stationed on-site for the whole day.

Will food and drinks be available at the track?

Yes, food and drinks and other snacks will be available throughout the day from The Pit Café.

Where can I purchase fuel?

No fuel is available at the Motorsport Park. The closest fuel is available at BP on Tauhara about 5 km along Broadlands Rd back towards Taupo.

Can I have a raincheck?

Track Day members are entitled to a “no penalty free rain check!”. That’s right, if you can’t make you booked track day all you have to do is email or phone us with your reason and we will save you a space (availability pending) on a future track day at no penalty. Just remember you must make contact before or at least by the morning of your booked track day to qualify for the raincheck offer.

Track day dates and times may depend on demand or minimum numbers.

Track days may be postponed based on weather or track conditions and will be subject to 72 hour notice posted on our website, advice by email or text notification.

Postponement or cancellation will be at the discretion of TMP Ltd and drivers/riders will be given 7 days notice.

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for further information contact us if you have any questions.

Irresponsible or dangerous driving will result in Ride Day participation being terminated.



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