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A recent move by two NZ racing circuits to make Forward Head Restraints (FHRs) mandatory is a bold move, but is it the answer? BMMP are absolutely for any initiative that will minimize injury to a driver in the event of a motorsport incident. However, we would strongly suggest drivers only fit and wear FHRs if they follow the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and MotorSport NZ (MSNZ) requirements for the installation and specifications of HANS® devices. You will note their various cautions and requirements regarding selection, purchasing, installation and use of FHRs.

Although having obvious safety merit, FHR devices need special installation and attention relative to specific car, driver and use setup to gain full value. In fact it is possible that if this wasn’t done properly, its use may even be dangerous.

Before purchasing, fitting and wearing your FHR, we strongly recommend visiting the FIA Guide and Installation Specification for HANS® devices; and MotorSport NZ National Sporting Code App. 2, Schedule A, Art. 4.1 and 4.2;

In particular pleaes note:

  • Foam neck braces are for the purpose of driver comfort and the “U” shaped or “horse-shoe” neck brace is not a FHR.
  • The FIA and MSNZ requirements that FHRs only be used with helmets bearing one of the prescribed FIA, Snell, BS or SFI Standards markings.
  • The drilling of holes in helmets for the fitment of FHR tether posts shall be undertaken only by the manufacturer of the helmet or an approved manufacturer’s agent.
  • The requirements as to the mounting of the safety harness when using a FHR and the specification and mounting of the seat.


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