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Statement from TMP Ltd

Late on Friday evening, less than 12 hours before its two weekend events were due to get underway, Taupo Car Club (TCC) posted a statement on Facebook cancelling both of them. Then mid-morning today, TCC made a further post saying that it had been “locked out” of the Motorsport Park. Both posts are inaccurate and contain false and misleading statements.

Contracts for the weekend’s events had been submitted to TCC 10 weeks ago after a meeting between the parties to discuss TCC withholding payment for an earlier event in March. That payment was part of settlement of legal proceedings that TCC had taken against TMP in 2018. TMP had allowed the March event to go ahead in reliance on a binding legal undertaking to either pay the disputed money or commence legal proceedings by 25 May. 25 May came and went and TCC did neither. Since then, TCC has repeatedly refused to honour its undertaking to pay the money due.

The first official response TMP received to the contracts for this weekend’s events was only 7 days ago when TCC contacted TMP to say they would not sign them. However, they apparently said nothing to their entrants who were aware that part of their entry fee was going to TMP (TCC had mistakenly told the entrants it was more than TMP had actually asked for). The entrants were apparently happy to enter on that basis.

On Monday, TMP offered interim arrangements similar to those for the March event. This would have allowed this weekend’s events to proceed and also given TCC a further month to decide what to do next. This offer was point-blank refused without any attempt to negotiate or compromise.TMP contacted TCC again on Thursday and reminded them that as they had consistently acknowledged in the past, no event can take place at the Motorsport Park without a signed, binding contract being in place. This is to protect and assure both parties that the facilities and event will be operated and run in a safe manner in compliance with their respective legal obligations.

Then, late on Friday night TCC abruptly and without informing TMP (nor it seems, most of their entrants) cancelled the weekend by Facebook post. TCC has not been “locked out” of the Motorsport Park. The Motorsport Park is this weekend freely open to any member of the public. TCC’s entrants and volunteers were free to (and did) enter the Motorsport Park unhindered. The majority of them had no idea that TCC had cancelled until they were told by our staff. TMP has therefore organised an impromptu Track Day (with rescue and medical services) which TCC’s entrants are now enjoying. Another Track Day will be held tomorrow and all TCC entrants are welcome


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