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The Circuit Club Motorcycle Register (CCMR) is now official!

Great news! The Circuit Club Motorcycle Register (CCMR) is now official! And it’s time to renew your membership, so why not join NZ’s newest and gonna be most progressive motorcycle club. It will be your club, designed for you by mad buggers who “just wanna ride the bikes”.

We won’t be fussy old farts who will spend our days dreaming up mindless resolutions, although we want to keep you safe, entertained and help to improve your riding skills whatever level you wish to attain to.

We will have exciting ride days and will look to have some competitions to sharpen you up, we want to help to get a lot more two wheelers onto the tarseal and enjoying the fun of a good lean into our great corners.

Carl Cox will stop by and say hello from time to time also our great champions, Sloan Frost, Scotty Moir, Tony Rees and the Rees boys, Avalon Biddle, Jordon Burley, the Stroud team along with a whole lot of class champs and riders to make up the fun.

So, download and fill in the form below, chuck in your dosh, bank draft or credit card and we’ll send you your membership card and let the summer fun begin.

If you need any more coaxing just give one of us esteemed gentlemen a call on our cell phone numbers listed below.

p.s we will advise you of our first club day very shortly, so you can come along scrub off and have a snarler and fruit juice afterwards at the tell a lie session.

Kindly yours,

Chris Costello

El Presidente – 027 437 1251

Gavin Sokolich

El Secretary General – 027 428 4635

The Circuit Club Inc-Motorcycle Register – Membership-fillable-19jul


Call us on 07 376 5033

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